Kevin Johnson

Founder of Zero Gravity Institute in Austin, TX, Kevin Johnson, explores how altered states of awareness change lives. See why a consistent floating practice expands consciousness and influences your future.

Kevin has been floating for over 30 years, runs a float and research center, and is an active member of the FTA and TIFTA. He predicts that encouraging consistent individual float practices will sustain the floating industry. When float facilitators can speak to its full range of benefits, casual guests will transition into consistent practitioners seeking personal growth and transformation.

What I believe to be the primary benefit of floating is that within the pure sensory deprivation environment of the float tank, with patience and practice, we are capable of altering our consciousness in such a way that we can tap into a universe of subtle energy. And in doing so, we can gain information and understanding that will give us a clearer view of both our external 3-D world and our inner psychological and spiritual worlds. And in this new expanded state of awareness, we can begin to exert a powerful influence over our lives, and on our futures.

I believe work in the floating tank to be practical, non-dogmatic, largely non-dualististic, and as having no specific set of rules to follow. And that’s what I like about it. The practice is interactive. It’s creative. It’s constantly dynamic. And it’s based on whatever works best in each session and under each set of circumstances. It’s a tool to clear out the psyche of all of remnants of our day that we needed to store temporarily because they were just too much to be experienced.

So as the special environment of the tank removes a major part of the workload from our brain and our central nervous system, our brains begin to reallocate resources to do background work that it doesn’t ordinarily do, including handling and processing all of this residual energy.... The key is to allow this energy to surface to witness it, without engaging with it. We allow the mind to purge this unprocessed, unintegrated energetic residual that accumulates so that energy doesn’t become a blockage or unhealthy attachment.

This process of purging allows you to integrate those residual energies. Then you can see the world in a deeper and more natural way. Seeing more of the physical energy allows you to feel more of the subtle sensations and beauty of the energetic world. In the tank, and through a practice of slowing the mind, we can ponder those energies and distinguish patterns.

We can use our deepening awareness, our newfound capacity in skills of perception, to connect to this world of information. And we can allow that world of information to inform our decisions and our actions. During our floating practice, we process the residual energy of our daily experience. We clear the lens through which we see the world and ourselves. And we begin to recognize the patterns prohibiting us from living life to its fullest potential. And we also are able to identify the patterns that will make our lives and our futures better.

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