Donna & Chris

Donna and Chris Petrovics were the final speakers at Rise 2018. They brought us close. Many sat on the floor next to lovers, family, and friends. We sat there quiet, listening, as Donna began to speak.

She reminded us that we are doing special work. Donna told us how much she loves us and we felt it. She asked us to look around the room. To behold the love we have for one another, and to remember the love we have for everyone who isn’t here with us.

“The work that you do is important.

You are important.

You are loved.”

Donna’s love embraced the room.

We cried.

Chris started by telling us about the journey of opening Pro Float Inc. He was surprised by the gracious welcoming from the float community. He opened the door and was met with open arms. Now it is his mission to keep that door open and welcome others.

Rick Boling