Carol Johnson

Energy by definition is the capacity to do work. It can be transferred from one object to another or transformed from one form to another… For the purposes for this talk, we will look at how to harness this energy for the good of your business, clients, employees, and for yourself. Through your own intentions and actions you can create a conduit, a channel, a place for the energy to collect and flow, therefore raising your capacity for success.

As a float center operator you are, or should be, the best example of what can be accomplished with the floating practice.

Carol starts with a kind reminder and a strong call to action. We transfer energy. That energy transferred returns back to your life. Floating gives us the resources needed to be exceptional. We have to show that to our guests.

One of the feminine disciplines of floating is learning to surrender and let go. For one to experience this state you have to have trust. How do we get people to this point? First, it starts with your space, how do you intend for people to feel when they first walk in to your building? How do you intend for people to feel when they take the first steps out of the tank and things are not quite the same? If you do nothing else at least have a clean, non-cluttered space. By your deliberate actions you can make your space sacred. Attention to every little detail, every little salty smudge or speck of dust, shows that you care and you are doing your best to facilitate an amazing and safe floating experience for you clients. It has immediate effects on one’s mood and anxiety level. Once that happens, trust can be established and you are placed yet again in the role of experts.

There is also another form cleaning, specifically energetic clearing or upkeep. If you think about it, you have clients coming into your center with all kinds of strange energetic stuff, we all do from time to time. Even if you don’t necessarily believe in smudge sticks and things like that, by having some sort of ritual you are again creating that intent. I highly recommend some regiment or ritual

One-on-one facilitation of the float experience is a small percentage of the work we do. The majority of the time we are facilitating floats through the practice of cleaning. The Donna Eden Daily Energy Routine is a great starting point for energetic cleanliness. You can find it at under the “Resources” tab. Carol then gives us a mode of understanding how we can direct our energy in an efficient way.

In its purest sense the float tank provides an environment where one is left with nothing but their own thoughts, feelings, angels, or demons if you will... [There may be times] where the client is not ready for whatever reason, they are uncomfortable with this process… knowing that the average Josephine may not be interested in doing this kind of personal work or may not have any particular goal in mind tells you that this person may not be your best targeted audience to acquire memberships and returning clients. So why not focus on the ones who are ready? The ones who are already out there doing their deep personal work. Why not find ways to market to them?

Clients deepen their practices through floating and become better in their worlds. In terms of flow of energy, [floating] creates a cascading effect where healing, positivity, and growth spreads forward in all directions. Where negative energies are transmuted and dispersed and compassion, love, and understanding rule the day.

Healing is not something you stumble upon, it is not something done to you, it is something you seek. Something one opens up to… there is a part of us longing or searching for healing or growth. Where I feel I make the most difference is being a part of something... that has grown far beyond me, where now I am one of the many gatekeepers holding open a possibility.

We don’t have to carry the whole world on our backs as float center owners and operators. We can carry, for a time, those who need help. Beyond that, we show others how to journey into wellness by the path we walk.

Rick Boling