Ashkahn & Graham

The spirit of this talk is about being chill. These dudes were seriously wearing robes on stage. I’m just going to chill out and let them do the talking.

A: A little bit of definition about what we mean and what we don’t mean about being chill.

G: One obvious definition would actually be being physically cold. Which is not what we are talking about. Just throw that out the window right now!

A: We are also not talking about generally being lazy or laxidasical, not being prepared… not being passionate. That’s not really what we consider being chill.

G: Not lazy and not passive… I dont think being chill means not standing up for what you want.

A: We are also not talking about being the classic “Surfer Bro”. So this talk isn’t about growing your hair out and wearing flip flops around everywhere and just being super high all the time.

G: So what do we mean? What the heck is this talk about then? It’s about being chill, like, assuming people have good intentions and going along with it instead of assuming that people are always out to get you.

A: It’s trying to default to saying yes instead of saying no.

G: When something goes wrong, figuring out what to do next, as opposed to who to blame for it.

A: It’s about being kind and being generous.

G: Not complaining unnecessarily.

A: Not being overly angry and frantic when you are communicating with people.

G: Viewing situations and not people as the usually the fundamental problems.

A: Trying to bury the hatchet instead of holding on to grudges.

G: And not giving in to the instinct of being scared of the unknown. I think a lot of un-chill behavior comes because we don’t know what’s out there, we’re afraid, and we are trying to protect something.

A: And most importantly about trying to wear robes and pajamas as much as possible...

G: Including onstage!

A: There are a lot of times where you’re faced with a decision and you have a choice to go down the chill path or to go down the un-chill path. There is a lot of temptation to not be chill. There are certain pitfalls that can happen if youre always taking the chill approach. A big one of those that people find concerning is... that people are going to take advantage of you.

A: It’s easy to imagine all the different ways people can take advantage of you. If you let your staff float whenever they want or have no cancellation policy, you can totally picture the scenario where someone books 10 appointments on your schedule and doesn’t show up for any of them... and that sucks.

G: We still don’t think this fear should stop you from being chill. Things can go wrong and it’s easy to imagine these worst case scenarios but it doesn’t happen as much as you’d think that it might, is the truth. When you actually put trust in people, the amount of times when someone comes along and completely abuses the system… is much less than you think. You don’t realize that when you start off with controls right away, too many policies in place.

Yep, that was pretty chill. They said so many more wonderful things about being chill that we didn’t have space for here. You can hear them say many more chill things in their full talk from Rise Float Gathering. Also everyday (in robes) they do a float podcast at

That’s what we call chillitude.

Rick Boling