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Culture is an abstract phenomenon. Culture is a tangible phenomenon. Culture defines a group of people (a community). Individuals of that community define its culture.  A paradoxical relationship continuously feeding itself. Cultures grow from what they digest.  What will we choose to feed?

What is culture and how do we define it?  

Culture is use of common language, the creation of intentional values, and the propagation of established standards.  Culture is defined by the experiences of the individuals inhabiting the community. Culture is a fluid, morphing, evolving relationship.

Third Wave is the food we choose to feed our culture. We are devoted to carefully curating space that highlights the energy of our industry. Using common language, we express our values and create new intentions. We intend to disseminate agreed upon standards. Industry standards increase clarity and the industry's public visibility. Having clarity fortifies the foundation for further expansion of our community. When we grow we prosper. When we prosper we can share our success with those who choose to join us.