Third Wave talks with Art of the Float


This has been a great week for Third Wave Magazine. A huge thanks to everyone who has signed up to receive their free subscription. Our recent podcast with Art of the Float helped us get the word out about the movement. Jake and I had an amazing time on the podcast and we encourage you to check it out. Here I will summarize what we went over and elaborate on a few important points.

We answered many great questions by the hosts. As we attune to the questions and concerns of the float industry our understanding of ourselves expands. In the beginning of the interview we start by discussing the current need for information for float center owners and operators. We also cover how these resources can benefit people starting a float center.

Dylan started by giving us a brief history of his journey opening a float center without an external resource to inform him. He then explained how helpful it was when he connected with Float Tank Solutions. Then later Amy Grimes recommended that Dylan start blogging to share his perspective. We all agreed that the float industry continues to need new voices that add fresh perspectives. Jake and I explain Third Wave Magazine highlights exceptional individuals and stories. We also will be communicating cutting edge information and analysing the impacts on the future of the float industry.

Jake explained why we are creating a print magazine instead of a digital channel. He drew a parallel to working in a float center. The float center is a tangible space that people actually experience, they can get surprised, and can leave feeling content. Third Wave Magazine wants to share in those elements. Holding a magazine in your hand feels more real than looking at a screen. You open yourself up to surprise by reading a magazine, you may stumble across unexpected information. There is a conclusion to the information we supplied, you can read the entire magazine and finish, finality we rarely get in digital formats. Creating a magazine in this way also is the best of both worlds. We will still be supplying relevant information on our website and through social media.

We then cover distribution. We commit to providing the greatest possible access to Third Wave Magazine. We will supply a copy to each float center, manufacturer, and individual starting a float center. Before the podcast we assumed there would only be interest in the publication in the United States, we have since discovered we were wrong. We have had an amazing response from centers around the world. We have since decided to extend the free subscriptions internationally. As we figure out the logistics we will communicate any information and needs we have.

We discussed the frequency of the magazine and the size. For now 36-48 pages on a quarterly basis is a good starting cadence.

I then walk through the concept of “Third Wave” and how it relates to floating. I describe the phases as I see them. The beautiful birth of the industry and the wonderful contributions from Glen and Lee Perry. The hard work of Float On in developing the Float Conference and giving resources to help new float centers open. From our current position our desire to unify the qualitative and quantitative aspects of floating.

We start to wrap up the conversation with details how recieve your free subscription and where to find us on social media. (if you haven’t signed up to receive your free magazines please do so on our home page, you can follow us on Instagram and Facebook at @thirdwavemag)

In the final few minutes we dive deep into our collective love for coffee. If you want to learn more about that I go pretty deep.

To hear us speak and expound on these points please check out the podcast here. If you aren’t familiar with Art of the Float podcast they have some great episodes, my favorite so far is “What Makes a Float Center Succeed? With Jeremy Warner of Escape Pod”

Rick Boling