A Quick Trip to Nashville

Over the holidays, a short 4 hour drive from our headquarters in Saint Louis, MO took me to Nashville, TN. I found Nashville to be a fast-growing city and an exciting place to visit. I was enthusiastic to meet the people behind Float Nashville. I also found an amazing coffee shop while I was there!


Float Nashville

My very first stop on my trip was Float Nashville. I was greeted kindly by Mark Chesshir, float enthusiast and manager. Mark immediately showed me around the cozy and comfortable space, he showed me their devices including an open float space he designed and built himself. He brewed me Float Nashville's famous cinnamon tea and I plopped down of the couch feeling relaxed and at home. Amy Grimes, owner and renaissance woman sat down across from me. When Amy isn’t operating the shop you can find her giving massage, creating best practices for her business, consulting with other entrepreneurs, hosting Art of the Float podcast, and getting her hands dirty with her new wellness center project “Float Alchemy.” We discussed topics ranging from floating to manatees. Amy's devotion to her employees was a constant theme. I felt her desire to help people grow is at the forefront of her business. Delegated responsibilities for employees include, social media, community outreach, and special programming. Handing over these key responsibilities empowers staff and frees Amy to create more opportunity. This was confirmed as I spoke to Heather, an employee at Float Nashville, she was producing some beautiful digital graphics for upcoming programs and loved feeling useful and appreciated at work. Mark and Amy at Float Nashville have created a healthy community for float guests and employees. You can look forward to a deeper look at Float Nashville and their new project Float Alchemy in the first issue of Third Wave Magazine.



I have fallen in love with the complexity of coffee. The world of coffee is broad and beautiful. Much of my inspiration comes from the coffee industry and nights spent awake from drinking it too late before bed. In Nashville I found myself visiting a few shops and wanting to share about my experience at one in particular. At Crema, their company ethics and attention to detail shined brightest. They are a zero waste cafe, trash cans are replaced with recycling bins and compost receptacles. For those unfamiliar to those concepts a short list of appropriate use is listed above the containers. I enjoyed a natural process brewed coffee from Las Lajas, Costa Rica. It was delicious and delicate, very light in body, more similar to a tea than a coffee, with strong notes of red and blue berries. Next time you are in Nashville make sure to stop by Crema and treat yourself to an exceptional cup.


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Rick Boling